I was born on 1971 in Porretta Terme in the province of Bologna, Italy.
biografia_1_smallSince 2012 I am happily married to Sara, my first supporter, but also severe critic, which, with her objective assessments, gives me a great boost in the grow and improve. Since childhood, photography has been my great passion: at the age biografia_2_smallof thirteen, I bought my first real camera, a Pentax K1000, with which I entered a wonderful world made of shutter speed, and aperture shots. Over the years, this passion has continued to evolve, and alongside it, my camera kit. I produce my photographs using 4 × 5 Large Format or 67 Medium Format systems. These are made up of various camera bodies and a copious set of lenses, which enable me to creatively interpret the most diverse shooting conditions. biografia_3_smallThe repeated hikes in the beautiful valleys of the Apennines surrounding my house have always been a source of great joy for me and a way to reconcile with the hustle and bustle of every day. Sometimes though, with my wife, I allowed myself a dip in the city, of which you should find some trace in the photo gallery.


Traditional Film Photography