black and white film photography

fotoInBN_smallLike all boys of my generation, I approached the photograph using color film, but the more I liked to this art form, the more I was seduced by the magical world of black and white. I found a special charm in photographs taken with this practice, and I was attracted by the high level of creative it that this technique allows, during exposure of the film and then developing and printing. So I began to set up my darkroom, true heart for all photographers who still use this technique.Today digital images have almost completely supplanted the traditional photography to film and in many ways that digital technology is fantastic. Personally I have nothing against digital photography, but I hate the excessive use of image processing programs, able to alter and completely change the picture, not knowing if this is true or fictional. Today unfortunately when I look at a photograph that captures me, after a moment of enthusiasm, I instinctively flinch doubtful, thinking: “is the wonderful picture that I’m looking at real or someone made ​​fun of me using some sophisticated processing software?”.
Therefore I really want to let you know that my pictures are real photographs, not edited on a computer. The light has simply impressed for a moment the film exposed by me. 



Traditional Film Photography