One of the fathers of black and white landscape photography, creator of the zone system technique, due to him some of the most beautiful pictures ever made:

Well-known manufacturer of photographic material:

Important english manufacturer specialized in black and white photography:

Gibellini Projects & Co is an Italian company that produces beautiful Large Format Cameras. In them the passionate craftsmanship of the manufacturer is combined with the absolute perfection of the art machine tools. This excellent  combination allows the production of the highest quality Made in Italy.


Interesting black and white photography materials reseller, deserves more than one visit :

French producer of black and white photography stuff:

German producer of photography stuff

The Pentax photo gallery is a display of the most beautiful photographs taken with cameras from this manufacturer, cameras that I use always. Here you will find thousands of images covering every field of photography, all beautiful!

Italian shop specializing in the sale of articles for the traditional film photography. Great choice of products and equipment for the darkroom, timely and relevant.

Shop French of articles for the traditional film photography. Here you will find a remarkable assortment of cameras and accessories for large format, not to be missed.



Traditional Film Photography