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Darkroom development and printing course

Black and white analog photography workshop on film development and negative printing. To discover and learn the main techniques and fundamentals of this methodology.

You will be accompanied and guided in the fascinating world of the darkroom through a program full of technical notions but also and above all of tricks and practical advice. For all those who want to discover or enrich their knowledge in darkroom procedures: introduces and explores the two topics separately, dedicating 4 hours to the treatment of the film and 4 hours to the printing of the negative.

In order to implement and transmit as many concepts as possible, the course will take place with 1 or maximum 2 participants. If desired, the course can also be held on weekends.


Part I.
Treatment of Black and White Film (4 hour lesson).

- How is the film made
- Chemical products
- Handling and treatment
NB During the meeting a film will be developed preferably by the member.


Part II 

Printing the Negative (4-hour lesson).

- The instrumentation (magnifier, timer, lighting, etc ...)
- Printing materials (papers, chemicals, etc ...)
- Contact sheets and print sheets
- Print of the negative, preferably of the member.
Each participant will have the satisfaction of taking home their own print in 30 × 40 cm format made with their own hands in the dark room.


Complete course

The course lasts 8 hours and is inclusive of chemists and paper. Euro 180


Course Part I 

Treatment of Black and White Film (4 hour lesson). Euro 100


Course Part II

Printing the Negative (4-hour lesson). Euro 100

The course will take place at the new Camera Obscura in Pistoia

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